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YEStaurants has found a unique niche in a rapidly-evolving industry.

Investor Opportunities

The demand is growing. Not that many years ago, the families of millennials ordered takeout or delivery 25% of the time. These days, millennials have bumped that up to 40% — a full 64% of them eat out at least once a week.

No wonder restaurant sales approached $800 billion in 2017 (4% of the U.S. GDP).
With 60% of smartphone owners using their phones to order takeout or delivery, it’s clear that the way restaurants serve their customers is changing. Customers value their time more these days. They don’t like waiting.

40%of millennial restaurant visits are takeout orders
When millennials were growing up, nearly 25% of their families ordered takout or delivery, compared to just 7% of boomers’ families
There are 80 million millennials in the U.S. — 64% of them eat out at least once per week.

Authorized Reseller Opportunities

A robust Authorized Reseller Network to market restaurant participation with the app is the key to our business plan and a competitive differentiator. We are setting up Authorized Resellers throughout major metro areas in the U.S. The Authorized Reseller network will give YEStaurants the advantage of being able to scale quicker at a lower cost.

Our Authorized Reseller network lets you own a market by purchasing the rights to a designated territory to provide an additional revenue stream. Our computer-based training program will equip Authorized Resellers to go out and enlist locally owned restaurants in your designated area to become part of the YEStaurants family.

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"I no longer have the worry of having to wait for a table at my favorite restaurant on a busy Friday night. It's a great option for us to enjoy a meal outside of the house once in a while!"

- Hannah B.