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Attract new and repeat customers while maximizing your efficiency and your profits.

Your food. Your vision. Your profit.

You’ve undoubtedly been approached by a variety of app developers who want you to prepare your best chow and grub so they can dash it off to hungry people’s doors and make a huge profit on it.

Is that why you got into the restaurant business? We didn’t think so.

Good customers value your culinary creations and we do too. That’s why our app was developed with both your efficiency and your profitability in mind. For a mere fraction of what most food apps charge, YEStaurants lets your customers order carryout meals or—and here’s the unique part—reserve a table, place an order, and be served at the time they designate.

Our goal is to help small business get a bigger piece of the growing online market.

How We Compare

While some guys might charge up to 25% of your total monthly sales with them, YEStaurants only charges $1.00 per transaction to the restaurant – regardless of the total amount of the order. And we cover all credit card fees.

Consider this: 1 restaurant | 10 orders per day | 25 working days per month | $26 per ticket

$6,500 x 25% = $1,625
* recurring monthly fee
Fees charged per month
YEStaurants covers all credit card fees for restaurants!
$250 orders x $1.00 = $250
* monthly co-op advertising
Fees charged per month

Partner With Us

Lower Investment to Participate
YEStaurants lets restaurant owners keep the majority of the profit. When you partner with us, we’ll provide you with training videos, access to a dashboard to update your restaurant information, and a tablet for receiving and managing orders as needed.
One-time set up fee
Co-op advertising fund
Transaction fee
*all credit card fees are waived.

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"The app is extremely user-friendly and easy to understand. Ordering dinner for take-out or having it Dine-In Table Ready is a game-changer for my busy weeknights."

- Kyle V.